Friday, October 26, 2012

we're still here...are you?

Well, after more than six months, I finally feel settled enough to start this blog up again. I know the most interesting times to blog are the times when you're most busy, but with graduating from college, getting married, getting a dog and moving to a new house - other things kept taking priority over writing a post. 

An amazing blog entry should be in order after such a long hiatus, but I would have to write a novel to catch you up on everything. Instead, I (with Jonathan's help) have revamped the look and feel of "a girl named grace." When I say help I mean I sat there while he figured out how to redesign it, and I think he made it look pretty great!

This is our cozy house, and that's Ella peering out from her favorite spot. We're in Athens for another year, and we love it. So if you stick with me, I promise to keep posting (really this time!) and share the comings and goings of our little Franklin family.